Friday, August 29, 2008

Faith and the Election

Earlier today I had a conversation with a friend and fellow blogger Jessica about the appropriateness of faith and religious language in public discussions.

Today, I offer you scripture:
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
--Hebrews 11:1
This evening I broke down in my parent's living room. My sister and I had just finished watching Michelle Obama's speech on YouTube and were commencing to watch Barack Obama's speech where he accepted the nomination. I watched the speech last night, in my bed, after a long and busy day, and then I was moved.

Today I broke down.

I cried and told my sister about the hope I felt, that I, for the the first time in years, feel patriotic about my country and hopeful about my world. My mother, whose vote I was not sure of, talked with me, and for the first time in my life as an adult--I felt as if we truly saw eye to eye and made a deep, intellectual connection.

My faith in America and my family has been ignited. I stand in Faith and Hope tonight, not saying that Obama will be my president. The work of that is done. Obama is my president and I stand in hopeful expectation, with evidence of things not seen.


Matt Click said...

Amen, Jake. This is the first time in my young life I haven't felt ashamed of my country. Obama has shown me, more than anyone else, that some of the men and women running are country know what they're doing, and have the right idea about our country and its place in the world.

Jake K.M. Paikai said...

I know, right? His speech floored me. What floored me more? That my mother believes enough in me, as her child, to promise her vote to him. In as much as I am tired, I am that much more excited and hopeful. And happy.

Matt Click said...

You and me both, Jake. You and me both.

Oh, and my post above should read "that some of the men and women running our country." Sorry. That was bugging me.

Jake K.M. Paikai said...

Oh the plagues of being a writer—sometimes those idea matter just a tad more than our spelling. Incidentally, I didn't notice, so no worries.

I did however, notice that I said "hopefuly," when 1) I should have been using an adjective and 2) even if I were using an adverb, I spelled the word wrong. I, however, have editing powers. MwahahhahHahhahhaaHA!

Jake K.M. Paikai said...

. . . but apparently not enough editing powers to pluralize idea.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Mind-o-see and baby Jason moving our friend Kolbina! It was pretty much exciting.
We need to all get together soon. fo sho.
love you!

p.s. - I have faith in him too. I just hope he will live up to it.