Monday, September 8, 2008

sos . . .

As in, the plural of so, not the distress call save our souls.

Anyway. I've been gobbled by the hole that is the beginning of school for the past three weeks, and for that, dear bloggypoos, I apologize, not to say that it will get better, because it won't—three jobs, three 300+ level classes, and two clubs? Bet your boo we could be heading toward lean times.

But I want this blog to work. I know!

die vier Zielpunkte Fettchens
otherwise known as Fettchen's four goals!
  1. Post at least once a week
  2. Eventually work toward posting three times a week
  3. Acquire before study-abroad video blogging technologies
  4. Get a cat to love and snuggle with
Okay, so the last goal isn't related to this blog. But I wants one.

Thanks for the understanding lovelies. Until then, das Bett.


Matt Click said...

Keep it up, because I enjoy reading. We'll pester each other to keep up with our respective blogs, eh?

Anonymous said...

I need to post more frequently, myself. I also need to get off my tail and get drawing again. I've got ideas languishing in my head.

Goal Nr. 4 is an admirable. I don't think a home is really complete without a cat to lovingly ignore you until it's mealtime.

Anyway, I've almost commented at least three other times, but I need to say that I'm here and I'm listening to the things you say (reading, technically). It's just that the things I had to say seemed so ... topical.

As far as V-blogging goes, you might check out something like the Flip for video recording. It's small, light, and plugs right into the computer with a fold-out USB port. Decent video quality (better than you-tube) and less of a processor/computer resource drain on a G4 than live recording from DV camcorder, and easier to make work than a hacked USB webcam (the hacking is the simple addition of a file to the Quicktime stack, but it doesn't seem to work right with my USB webcam and 10.5 Leopard).

OSX doesn't support USB webcams except for the built-in iSights (apart from the iMage:, and they don't make the external FireWire cams anymore, either — so used ones are quite expensive). Then again, if you already have a DV camcorder, OSX should be able to recognise it automatic-like and use it for a webcam source. The only problem is setting it up on the desk. I'm tempted to make a little attachment to sit my DV camcorder on top of my desktop displays.