Saturday, August 23, 2008


So. All I want to do for you people is write awesome, amazing, thoughtful, inquiring, and innovative posts. Developing the habit of blogging remains, however, daunting. Here's the deal:

I'm working on three posts right now, all of which look promising, and I'm going to get them to you by Monday.

I just feel the need to set goals and remain focused. Did I mention I've been up since 7:30?

Do me a favor—keep reading, even when I'm all crazy and shit. I mean, you wouldn't be here unless you liked crazy and shit, right?


heart.body.mind.soul. said...

I for one adore crazy and shit, but only when it's coming from you!

Anonymous said...

"crazy and shit" is my middle name, homes.

Matt Click said...

I know what you mean. I have posts from a year ago I have yet to finish. Just keep 'em rolling and we'll keep reading, even if they are crazy. In fact, crazy is good.