Thursday, August 28, 2008

For an optimist, I'm pretty pessimistic . . .

After a day of walking around Tacoma, pushing past inconceivable limits, and making great strides through pain and discomfort, I am now sentenced to the lower floor of the UC. Without warning, cause, or information as to when the elevator would be fixed, facilities at PLU has decided to render elevator service out of order.

In a word: Livid.

In another word: Hurt.

In a few sentences: After a day like today, this was the last thing I needed. As a morbidly obese person, I hold on to the plans and precautions I make in daily living. I know when to walk, how to walk there, where resting places are, and how far I can make it in between. I know in whose car to ride based on my comfortably. I know what words and defenses to make when I can't do something.

There are major portions of tonight that I'm missing and this has thrown a serious wrench in my experience.

I'm going upstairs. Or at least trying.


heart.body.mind.soul. said...

I feel like I abandoned you tonight with the elevator thing, and I wasn't sure what to do for you. Should I have stayed with you? I am glad you made it, though. It's not the same without you.

Matt Click said...

Aw, Jake. I'm sorry. That really does suck. I hope things worked out OK.

Dmitry said...

Oh my goodness Jake, it must have been awful to be in that position. You are such a trooper though! Even in really frustrating times you overcome your own thresholds and achieve greater heights.

Jake K.M. Paikai said...

Thanks y'all for the love. If you haven't read ahead, I made it up the stairs. Angie (the director of the dCenter) found me and we decided that I needed to not miss out. She walked upstairs with me and I felt very empowered.

To h.b.m.s: I did not feel abandoned. I needed the time to reflect and use my "communicate" skills. I would like to reiterate your last comment in your direction: It's not the same without you.

heart.body.mind.soul. said...

I am so glad we connected. I feel like we have a really good understanding of one another, and I feel as if you have walked me through one of the most difficult moments of my life. How could we not have been friends before? I can't even imagine what college would have been like without you!