Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Squash Soup, Redux

So I had a little too much fun with Photobooth in the office. Sue me.

The squash soup, on day two, was not the best thing ever. Which makes me sad, because I have a good track record soup-wise. I suppose the main issue is that it isn't soup, it's a vravy, which is my new word for vegetarian gravy.

What's interesting about my soup making is that it coincides with amazing soup weather. Western Washington was besieged by hot weather of doom, which caused me at times to feel nauseous. In less than 24 hours the days of 85-90 degree weather somersaulted (heh—that boys and girls is what we call a pun) to 65-70 degree weather. It seems that my Squash Vravy-Jasmine Rice-Two Tortilla combo was right up nature's alley.

A short post yes, but whatever. It's 11:31 and I think, for the first time in months, I'm tired before midnight.

In the coming days: Fettchen's Goodbye to his Summer Internship and Fettchen's Corolary to Godwin's Law. Should be fun. I expect y'all to be on the edge of your seats. snore.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there.
And thank you baby Jesus for the weather change. whew.

heart.body.mind.soul. said...

I too was glad of a change in weather. I kind of hope it stays this way.